Thursday, 8 September 2011

If there is a reason, can someone tell me why

A few months ago, Wellington put together "Hands Up for Christchurch" where a collection of Christchurch shops brought their wares to Wellington & local shop owners donated funds to get their goods here & staff to help them. Some of these store owners like 'Follow the White Rabbit' were lucky (due to a back door) to be able to get their goods out & unfortunately may not open again. This was a really cool little shop in Poplar lane, which I had only discovered on my trip to Chch the weekend before the Feb quake. 'She Chocolat' delicious noms who have gone bus!
My main draw card was 'Broomfields' who firstly turned their garage into their shop & have now managed to reopen in a new location. Here I spent much time browsing (so long my daughter wandered off in search of her own treasures) & bought two patterns. The first I have recently started. It will be a sampler book:
it's a lot smaller than I initially thought & finer - 32count, one stitch over cross stitches with one thread.
Now I am working on the second page and was looking at the pattern... something was off...
There is no 'N' arrrrgggggg why??? that's just silly - unless there is a legitimate reason, so I'm working my way up, & unless someone has a good reason as to why there is no 'N' I'm going to try to put one in on the top line.

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