Sunday, 22 April 2012

Ukrainian update!

as the days get shorter, I get to spend more time on my Ukrainian Whitework - yah!
finished all the needle weaving along the edges & now the corners, first I have to pull one thread & weave the next one back into the fabric.
look how tidy it looks - wouldn't even be able to tell there are threads pulled out :)
Then there is more border to do & button holes around the square & some fancy looking threads stitched in.
my next step is some kind of weaving thing in the corners to kind of look like a web. Then the mitre of corners & final hemming. Good thing I am going to an embroidery guild meeting with my Mum on Wednesday :)

Monday, 9 April 2012

Getting there... one stitch at a time

'Class' for want of a better word, is done now & here is an example of one of the other ladies work:

I particularly love the way she used a gold thread in the braid around the back & the braid on the drawer front to hide a gap.
Given that we want to have a few of these finished for our next guild general meeting - next Tuesday, I took today to concentrate on getting mine together:
so now I need to learn how to make a decent tassel - I have instructions somewhere involving some card... I'll get to it!
While the weather has been lovely & I have had some time, during daylight hours I have made a little progress on the sampler:

this work will probably be resigned to the weekend now with the lack of light in the evenings.