Wednesday, 27 August 2014

What became of those supplies?

Sorry folks, blogger is doing my head in when it comes to working out how to upload pics from my iPad, so have continued my blog over Here

I hope you enjoy.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Wanaka School & beyond!

This year I had the opportunity to attend the Wanaka School of embroidery.

It was their 30th anniversary & my mum & I headed over for 2 nights & 2 full days of stitching. I chose to do the Or Nue class or Anne Marie Moorhead. She is also the person who designed my Illuminated letter kit, which is still to be finished.

The Or Nue is a nice technique & possibly the last of the gold work I do for a while, as there is still so much for me to learn else where, but here is my result:

I like the postage stamp effect the ric rac gives this small piece & so have decided to take the satchel we got out information in  & stitch name etc details on the front & attach this as a postage stamp.

In the meantime my mum & I have been organising "Stitch-In Saturdays" at her shop. we stated out in the guild rooms, however there were issues & so now we meet ever 2nd & 4th Saturday in the back room of her shop - which is very handy when you run out of supplies - cause there they are!!
Through this I have met one new embroiderer, of a similar age & her sister is also a crafter - I met her only once & she was talking some impressive bead work.
During one of these Saturdays my mum taught a few of us how to crochet & so I have been working on a few things of the crochet kind including a balaclava for my man & now I'm part way through a doily.
With a few things finished I could finally tackle an idea from my own head & here were the supplies:

 this is for the "Post bag colour challenge". this year's theme is Black, White and Grey in between. I am making a Kindle cover. The embroidery is done, next is probably the more challenging task of putting it all together.

Friday, 9 May 2014

tooo looong

sorry folks, I moved, had computer issues & nearly forgot my password... but I'm still stitching!

Firstly, new furniture to organise some of the stash:

Also I finished the Golden head - Yah me!! & Yah for the lovely ladies who received it :)


Sorry folks, I will now have to do a few posts to get myself up to date!