Saturday, 18 August 2012

Crash! & other things I now know a little about

Today my daughter & I took part in what I will call a class (although others called it a 'play day') with the ladies from Creative Craft Supplies.
I'm calling it a class, as I had very little idea what I was going to be doing & even if I would like it, but I would learn a LOT!
So from 9:30am until about 3pm, I learnt through play. no games as such, but much messing around with colour, paint sticks, dye, paints, fibers, stencils & more! I'm still not 100% what to call what I have achieved, and I have a couple of ideas of what to do with these, but not sure I will want more... unless it was for a particular project (cause that's just how I am)

Firstly we fused a couple of pieces of 'crash', painted them with a colour we don't like, added a stencil with molding paste, painted that with the opposite colour on the colour wheel & near the end we got to add paints - using 'Shiva' sticks, dyes. Mod podge was used to seal some layers, other layers were sealed by ironing.
Then we did it all over again, but were allowed to choose our own colours. (whew!) here are my two results:
I really liked the leaves with the plum & cyclamen colours I like, but it took a lot of work to be even ok with (what was) Orange piece.

Next was taking 2 pieces of vliesofix & painted those, then we used some abaca paper & put a stencil on one & the other had words printed on it. ironed these together & modpodged to seal & then added dyes, and Shiva Sticks until we were happy. and I was.

I will probably stitch onto some of these and/or use them for book covers, not completely sure yet. My daughter had a great time & I think she would LOVE to do more of this... however I simply see that to do so would involve owning too many supplies, I simply would never use up - which kind of drives me nuts.
What would YOU do with these?

PS - I now have a thumb that kind of looks like a Smurf has turned into the incredible Hulk :)

Saturday, 11 August 2012

The Grande 2012 Project

Here is my result of a kit designed by Jane van Keulen to celebrate the ANZEG conference in Christchurch:
I'm not sure yet what I will do with it, I think it will make a nice book cover perhaps.

So now it there has been enough procrastination & as I have no more UFOs in my stash, it was time to start the Home Sweet Home workbox. gulp. I got this book for Xmas from my mother (yah Mum!)

After much fretting over threads - so many listed in the book & brands I had never heard of. I have settled down, using threads I already own & working it out. Starting with the very small scissor keep:

The blue lines are my Frixion pen which, will disappear when I iron the back :)

next I did the Bee emery block:
To give you an idea on size, here is one side with my thimble:
I struggled with proportions of things on this one, I still dont think the flowers are large enough, but redoing something 4 times is enough.
Due to the size, this is becoming a daylight hours only project, so weekend work for me. Next up I am going to do the Rose pincushion, then I will actually put those 3 items together.

I will get on to actually doing the house itself... eventually.