Saturday, 11 August 2012

The Grande 2012 Project

Here is my result of a kit designed by Jane van Keulen to celebrate the ANZEG conference in Christchurch:
I'm not sure yet what I will do with it, I think it will make a nice book cover perhaps.

So now it there has been enough procrastination & as I have no more UFOs in my stash, it was time to start the Home Sweet Home workbox. gulp. I got this book for Xmas from my mother (yah Mum!)

After much fretting over threads - so many listed in the book & brands I had never heard of. I have settled down, using threads I already own & working it out. Starting with the very small scissor keep:

The blue lines are my Frixion pen which, will disappear when I iron the back :)

next I did the Bee emery block:
To give you an idea on size, here is one side with my thimble:
I struggled with proportions of things on this one, I still dont think the flowers are large enough, but redoing something 4 times is enough.
Due to the size, this is becoming a daylight hours only project, so weekend work for me. Next up I am going to do the Rose pincushion, then I will actually put those 3 items together.

I will get on to actually doing the house itself... eventually.

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