Sunday, 22 April 2012

Ukrainian update!

as the days get shorter, I get to spend more time on my Ukrainian Whitework - yah!
finished all the needle weaving along the edges & now the corners, first I have to pull one thread & weave the next one back into the fabric.
look how tidy it looks - wouldn't even be able to tell there are threads pulled out :)
Then there is more border to do & button holes around the square & some fancy looking threads stitched in.
my next step is some kind of weaving thing in the corners to kind of look like a web. Then the mitre of corners & final hemming. Good thing I am going to an embroidery guild meeting with my Mum on Wednesday :)


  1. It's looking good! I had wonder only a couple of weeks ago if you'd finished it as I hadn't seen any blogs in a while.

  2. This is fantastic! Really impressive!