Saturday, 8 October 2011

Shoes to Hit the Streets with

sorry no stitching today, but I have been thinking about these for a little while, since I saw these although I'm not really into cartoons/comics... but for a few years I have had a collection of maps from National Geographic magazines which used to belong to my Grandparents (I have been told that my Mum & Aunts used to use these magazines for school projects - copying only)

I like Maps & I LOVE shoes - my daughter claims I have too many pairs, there is no such thing.
I have these shoes:
Good shoes, but they are navy & I always feel weird wearing navy shoes with black pants, so as comfortable as they are, they barely get worn.... that's all about to change.
Next step choose the map, here are some pics of some of the maps I have:
But I chose New York, mostly because if I went on the shoe shopping trip of my dreams, NY would be one of the top 5 places to go.
& Mod Podge is the substance to do this - I found this at Pete's Emporium - If you are near Porirua & at all crafty, you have to check out this shop, it is massive & has so much stuff!
Just so you know, this Mod Podge if kind of like PVA, but stickier & dries pretty fast.

Now I need to let them dry & then trim the edges.

Dont worry, I'm still stitching, just in the middle of a few things right now & really need to start on my 'Challenge' project for Guild, which is due November - I have a few ideas - lucky!

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