Thursday, 17 November 2011

Been busy, actually no, been slack/unmotivated

I aim to fix this, but must have the lulls which then boost the productive time. I'm not one who can go along at a steady pace all the time - so you get what your given.

I did have a birthday this week & my Mum got this amazing card made just for me :)

Made by a lady in Timaru I believe... what is super amazing is the inside:
Yep, I can definitely see how this is made, but seriously awesome & I Can't even imagine what this lady's spare room must look like!!

In the meantime I have decided to take my new car (did I tell you I bought a new car? & I mean NEW car) to Auckland & back to see The Twits on stage with the Auckland Theatre company ( in December a week before I drive south.
Before I go I have one challenge for myself - to complete a previously failed attempt at House. I started last night:

but why oh why when I have so many threads already that the two main ones are the ones missing???
Apparently I am a fast stitcher, so lets put that to the test over the next 3 weeks!

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