Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Winning Biscournu

This year we have two Presidents Challenges & the first was a biscouru which I completed from a kit my Mum let me have from her collection. She also taught me how to do the long armed cross to nicely join the two pieces & ensured that it was stuffed appropriately - thanks Mum!

With the presidents challenge guild members are encouraged to complete an item & then we all bring them to a meeting and vote on which one we like the best. voting is anonymous & entries are generally anonymous also - so no popularity contest really, although fairly casual.
Anyway, judging is in & here is the winning entry:

Mine :) and the prize: a voucher for Nancy's Embroidery shop yah!!!!

Now if you wish to see this in Real life as well as the other entries - please head along to the Embroidery Conference from the 7th of July in Christchurch at St Bedes. You can check out all the amazing work the guilds around NZ do. I am really looking forward to this.

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  1. Well done. Very nice. Nice to see you at conference!