Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Sometimes the hardest choice is making one

a minor detour to my project was had, but this only took me 3 days & then was posted off to the person who is putting loads of these together to create a larger display? I think, I dont really know the whole story, but happy to be distracted by something little that took very little brain effort (compared to my other project).
then back into the main project... the thimble holder - although I have only done the outside parts, there is still the lid lining to be done, but that has to be done on different materials & I haven't chosen that yet, so it will just have to wait.
Here are the top and base:

here is what the sides will be:

 And to give you an idea of size, here is the 3 pieces together
So now I have to decide the next pieces to do: Needlebook, Spool holder, or Tape Measure holder... I'm just not ready to face the Beaded thread counter or the Thread Cutter cover - yikes! Don't even think about the actual box!


  1. I think your thimble holder looks great. Look forward to seeing it finished. I read some of your other blogs as well, so it looks as if you have been busy stitching since conference!

    1. thanks Janine, I'm thinking the construction parts might not happen until after we move south.