Tuesday, 26 March 2013


So it seems this may just be 'Goldwork' year. Sunday I attended a class in Dunedin with Alison Cole.
She has amazing kits & is an excellent teacher.

After making the Ladybug & then having a go at the Illumination letter, it was good to learn some more and spend some time with my Mum as well.

Here is what I did during the class:

one of the most important lessons I learnt was that I had to complete the rest in a timely manner as the gold threads will tarnish & unless I wanted half my project more tarnished than the other half - chop chop!

Since Monday:

 the red is long & short stitch, takes a while, but a nice technique.

outline all done with the Gilt Pearl Purl #2.
Today I have also done the vein lines, but I need better lighting to get you a pic... tomorrow :)

at some point I will also need to decide what to do with it... may even frame it! *shock*

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