Monday, 8 April 2013

linked and confused

the confused part is not unusual, but the linked thing is kind of cool...

basically I am participating in this:&Stitches tool kit competition

oooh and I made that work too :)

anyhoo, the post I entered in the competition was my first one I made for this blog - I'm not sure if that is ok, or if the "Tool kit" was supposed to be in this post, but heck, I'm a crafter not an internet guru.

in any case here is what my kit sometimes ends up looking like.

Also I need to do another pic of the butterfly, my mum gave me a suggestion for finishing touches, which I she is happy with it & I will get it back off her after guild meeting on Thursday where she wants to show it off.
In the meantime, here is some more of my letter done, but I am putting this to one side while I finish someone elses UFO.


  1. Is that a mini armchair pincushion? How cool!

  2. I use it's arms as a pin cushion & it has a little drawer which holds my thimble & some little things, I use the main seat to collect my little bits of thread. I really love it :)