Friday, 22 April 2011

Easter Friday Stitching

After doing all the things that will distract me (including some FB, housework, reading, & starting a blog)
I got down to my new project.

Firstly I had to organise the items in the kit, read the instructions for the 3rd/4th time & work out what goes where & how it all gets put together - construction is not my forte.
So with a big breath & realising that it's ok, if it all goes wrong I can buy new material. I set to putting some parts together:

Pinned & then tacked.

Next I had to make flowers, & this is where Karenisms kick in. The instructions said to copy the pattern onto "freezer paper" & iron on to the fabric. simple enough? no. I tried it with baking paper & a transfer pencil (brand new transfer pencil too) no go. I guess baking paper is different freezer paper - makes sense when I think about it. Sigh.
so, not out done, I did my tracing & carefully cut it out. Then had a gem of an idea! I'll colour around it! - not draw exactly, but create like a negative of the image.


And it worked :)
then Finally some actual stitching...

and a little more, before stopping for the evening.
After today I have a much clearer idea of where & how this is going, so I feel much less in the dark.

Tomorrow I'm not sure what I will get done, as I am off to town - a few things to do, including Craft 2.0 at the New Dowse!

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