Thursday, 28 April 2011

Update on my Easter project

I'm pretty pleased over all - there has been a couple of erg moments, but that is part of the learning curve of stitching & overcoming these is such a great feeling!

These next parts were all things I have never done before and due to some impatience on my behalf, (shops closed on Easter Sunday) I free handed the tree part of the design. Of course it took me several re-readings to work out how to even start this part! Finally, it clicked, & here was my result. Couching rouched tape to create the start of a trunk. Then I couched on another thread with a gimp. (after some giggling & mental references to Pulp Fiction I worked out what it was)

I can admit I should have been blonde on occasions.
Next came the base - which was fairly simple as I have done this style before, and then split backstitch leaves & beading - neither of which I had done before but worked out extremely well - even if I say so myself. (Again free hand with some tailors chalk to help)
Oh and while beading, I managed to toss about 50 beads on the floor, but could only locate 3 of these - why???

Now that part is finished, I made a cord & fastened everything to the front:

Next is some final finishing parts - the backing to this... I hope within a week to have the project all done & ready to fill. (there are some parts which I think look a bit off, but it's too awesome to be perfect)

Oh and by the way, if you want to see more examples of this - check our Janine's blog, should be to the left under "Other Inspiring Stitchers" as she is the creater of this project.

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