Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Finishing Touches

here is a sneak peak at some of the wording... you will get to see the entire finished result after the recipient has received it.
and yes, sometimes I bleed for my art:
Sorry about the blurriness, but taking photos while bleeding, with your left hand is tricky. Oh and please be more careful than me when framing with glass... of course, it is recommended you don't wield sheets of glass while talking on the phone. On the plus side, the following day was spent with an Ariel disney band-aid.

and here is my first Biscornu:

so, as you can see a Biscornu is a fancy kind of pin cushion, where you take two equal sized squares, decorated & stitch them together where the corner of one meets the centre side of the other, which creates an 8 sided seam around, and then you sew a button in both centers creating a dent (oh and you need to stuff it too, but not too tight or you can't do the button part) - any questions?

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