Monday, 19 December 2011

On Holiday from everything except stitching

well, almost everything, actually mostly just home & work.

We have travelled south to Oamaru for the holiday season & I hope to catch up with a few friends, even a couple that I haven't seen since High School, but let's not count the years.

Some project have been finished - yah! namely the Christmas Biscornu Tree. Perfect to have finished the project I was given last year for Christmas, in time for this Christmas. Not sure if you can see, but it was done on sparkly fabric.
Then onto some Xmas cards - I never give out many, but I try to make a few each year... really wish I could get more organised & have a stash ready & waiting.
I'm not sure about the sheep heads, but am very happy the way the other two turned out, & nice to start & finish a simple task.

Next I will do some work on my sampler book & I now have another biscornu pattern to do for 2012 Guild challenge. (feeling like such a stitching geek).

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  1. I do love the biscornu, sadly you can't see the sparkly in the photo but a stunning item none the less. And I also oh-so-adore the 'Greek' style. Well done you