Saturday, 4 February 2012

More Ukrainian

Thanks for all the lovely comments - particularly about this piece I am currently working on - which is involving a LOT of new stitches & challenges - which of course means learning.

It turns out that, even though I need to actually concentrate on this piece at times, it is good to travel with - mostly due to only needing one or two threads.

And so, I have started to seriously tackle the boarders...firstly with a plaited Slav stitch & then with hem stitch... yep, I'd never done hem stitch before:

Next I had to take a deep breath & cut - man I hate cutting threads, but a girls got to do, what the instructions say... and then weave...

Here is a close up:
I am trying to go by Gay Eaton's Ukrainian Whitework (not sure if I mentioned this before) the design is called Sofia & it is very pretty, but there are some instructions which are about clear as mud to me, however, I am muddling along as there are very good pictures... infact upon further inspections of pics, I'm thinking perhaps I wasn't supposed to go all the way around with the outside border, until I had finished the weaving part... gosh darn it, I'll fix that later :)

Recently I have also been browsing the interwebs & getting very distracted, if you haven't found Feeling Stitchy you should!

They took me to Sew Lovely which gave me a cute little "I Dig You" stencil, which I traced from my computer - just put baking paper on your screen - magic! I'll keep you up to date with my plan... promise!

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