Thursday, 16 February 2012

UFO update

Crafty people are well known for having UFOs, (unfinished objects), however I only have one really & even then that is because I was waiting for the perfect idea to present itself & I don't think you should rush these things.
Last year I picked up a pattern from Broomfields & at Xmas my mum had a couple more of them, one was perfect for this:

I now simply need 4 images for the corners - I have some ideas for those, so will dig them out & see how I go.

Second "gift" project I am working on to be completed is my sampler book & I didn't realise I had only posted the first two pages... so here are 3 more:
the thimble is to give you an idea of how small this work is. Very glad I am now over half way through it. Trying to get as much of this done before next weekend as i can, simply cause I have to chop the material as it is the same fabric I stitched my second chair pieces onto & next weekend I am showing some guild members how to put it together.

Stitch on!  

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