Friday, 9 March 2012

life gets so busy at times!

darn life getting in the way of stitching, & yet I'm not overly sure what I have been doing? oh yeah, there may have been some online distractions, never the less here is an update on one more panel of the sampler. Same size, no thimble:

Here are a couple of pics of the chair pieces which I am working with a few ladies to put together - if you deviate from the initial pattern using different thread count (ie from 32 to 28) you MUST copy the templates with an enlargement of 114% - essential info.
 I started with the pink variegated thread, but then I wanted my peacock to be blue, & then there is this lovely blue thread I thought would compliment - hence my colours. Stay tuned in a few weeks for when it all gets put together :)

I also went shopping... in central Wellington there was/is a "Pop-up shop" with fabric. Normally I'm not one to go looking for fabric unless I have a project in mind, but it is very hard for me to resist fabrics at $3 & $2 a metre!!

First up these two - gorgeous colours, I only got 1m of each, as i will stitch on them - dont know what yet, but they are both colours I love, so I dont think it will be too much of a stretch.
Then this one - one 1m as well, I think I will make the handkerchiefs I have in my brain & sell them on

ok, so I've never actually made a handkerchief before, but how hard can it be? it's just a square!

then I got 4m of this lining material - OMG! I don't care what it is, I want it lined in this:
In the interests of full disclosure, I'm not actually much of a sewer as such - hence when I buy things like this, I have NO idea if I have enough for anything! and I have very little of a stash. I was, however, very impressed recently when I took some of my stash & made a (very short) kilt. Using two pieces of fabric I was going to use for that costume last year... with success! there was a bit of hand stitching involved, but this only made me happier. I'm very pleased with myself, although given the length, this is not a suitable skirt for work - hehehe - it will however be perfect if I wanted to take up Roller Derby.

And that is what I've been up to over the last couple of weeks. Next weekend we have a stitching day with the Wellington Guild in Johnsonville - yah! a day of dedicated stitching :)

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