Monday, 3 December 2012


Wow! it has been ages since my last update & loads has happened.
Short version: went to Mary Poppins in Auckland, traveling with a great friend, catching up with great friends along the way & having a magical time!
Moved to Oamaru, where I have things spread between my Mothers & my boyfriend's homes - at least I know where my craft stuff is!
Celebrated my Birthday & now we prepare for Xmas. Oh and I did start a new job, well, kind of 2 new jobs really... one for the government with regular hours although only part time & the other in my mothers shop, where I do her books & help in the shop from time to time.

Most importantly I have been stitching. Firstly something I had been talking about for a few months now:

I call these "Spanky Hankys" just in case you can't read the words on the hanky.

I have also been working on my sisters Xmas pressie, but cant post pics til after the giving & some Xmas cards, which I should also take pics of to share.

Oh, and for my birthday my darling mother gave me several embroidery items mostly around the Crewel theme, as this is what I'd like to try my hand at next & some Elizabethan embroidery books.

I really need to finish off my Xmas cards next & then do some more work on my little house, but without my own set space for stitching, I feel a bit out of sorts... I'll get there though.

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