Sunday, 17 February 2013

Back to Stitching

Yah! back to stitching :)

there has been much moving around, getting settled & finding places for stuff, including my craft stuff. Even working out where I want to work on craft & how that will work in a new home.

The best thing, still, is my mum. She enrolled me in a class to make a 'gold-work' brooch, before I even moved down & that class has given me the push I needed.

here is what I did...

 Above is my progress through day 1

this is my finished Lady-bird brooch

"Gold-work" is the technique, although I prefer silver & so choose to use silver metal threads.

This is what my Mum made - apologies for the terrible pic, I was using my cell phone.

And now inspired I did this last night. I now have a lap-frame, which makes stitching easier than ever!

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