Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Something a little different

at the beginning of the year I issued a challenge - as did some of my friends which is how I got started - to create something hand made for up to 5 of my friends. 4 responded - making things a little easier & recently I completed my first one & since they have now received it I can post here my "how to"

Inspiration came from here:  I think cutoutandkeep is one of the most inspiring sites I have found, admittedly not everything there is what you want, but if take a little time, browse a few pages, you should find something to inspire you.

"Record Books"
You will need an old record (hard to get new ones) mine cost 50cents from the recycle tip shop - score!
A4 paper, an oven, Chalk/dress makers pencil, scissors, Glue, needle & thread & sandpaper. (I also recommend a kraft knife/box cutter & a scorer).
Firstly, I take 20 pieces of A4 paper & put them into 5 groups of 4 pieces & fold in half.
Next I decided that I wanted to have some fancy edges, & I have a fancy trimmer :) Yes it has a light!!
Mark 4 places on the spine, ensure that all 5 bundles of paper line up & then use a needle to make holes in each of these places.

I double thread my needle, tie the end & push from spine through to centre of the pages of one bundle then through adjacent hole & loop through where the end is tied, this I find the easiest way to keep the thread secure. Then through the next hole & up through the last, then ready to sew the next bundle of papers together & to the first one.

 Hard to explain the above, I guess have a go, look at the pics & if you need some help  let me know... I'll try to explain more. One important thing is pull the thread as tight as you can, without bending the papers.
Finally I added a cover coloured page - sorry no pic of this by itself.
Then work on the Front cover.
I took a thick piece of card & covered the book of pages & worked out the best size. I also centered it & made a hole in the centre. This is the stencil for the record. Line up the hole in the record with the hole in the card-stencil, decide the angle you want the cover to be - judging from the label & use chalk or a dressmakers pencil (in my case) to mark on the record around the cardboard. This will be where you cut.
Turn your oven on - not too high, 100 degrees should be enough & place your record on an up turned bowl. WATCH the record. after a few minutes it should flop - when it does this, use an oven mitt to take it our & quickly cut the lines marked - ordinary scissors work! You will feel the record stiffen before you are finished, simply put the record back in for warming & do it again until you have gone all the way around. Do not worry that your rectangle is misshapen - simply heat a little, place on a chopping board (or between 2) & place something heavy on top. My sewing machine in it's case seems the right weight to me.
Once it is as flat as you can get it, use some sand paper to smooth off the edges.

Next step is the back cover. In the spirit of recycling, I like to use the record cover - some of these particularly from the 70's are VERY cool! & there is more scope to use the back of it or the front or a bit of both. Using the stencil again you need at least this amount of cover, I also allow approx 5mm for the spine & then some cover for the front as card is stronger than paper for the record to attach itself.
Then add in the paper to the back cover using PVA glue or a glue gun - which ever you would prefer.
Then use a glue gun to attach the record on the front & you are done :)
I erred in the fact, that I neglected to photo graph the end result, however here is one I did earlier (didn't like the size as much though)

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