Monday, 27 June 2011

Work in progress

Here is a little update on the Biscornus I am making
I have finished the big one so far, & am now working on the next one.

Today however, is the first of my 3 days off work - yah! although this morning I had a wisdom tooth extracted, all went fairly well, but my jaw is sore, & I haven't had as much coffee as normal (with half my face numb until noon I didn't want to risk hot liquids).
I started a piece I am making for an exhibition. I'm not sure of the rules in terms of publishing & so I will show you what I have so far & how I got there. The theme is "Glistening Waters"
One of my most favourite places in NZ is Moeraki - just down the road from home & so my plan is to create a postcard. Thanks to Janine for inspiring me!

Firstly I printed the picture (weird then to show you a picture of a picture)

Next I chose my material, tacked an outline & added some angelina fibre. This fibre was ironed between two piece of baking paper as thick as I wanted it.
Next I cut some pieces of black velvet fabric into a rough outline of the boulders. My main reason for using this fabric was that it stretchy & the darkest fabric I had.
Then some stitching got done:

this is all very new to me, I hope it all goes ok... stay tuned

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