Sunday, 12 June 2011

When things go wrong

Sometimes, things go wrong - let's face it, I don't think I have ever done something that I didn't have to unpick at least one stitch on. Normally errors can be fixed - redone if caught early enough & covered up if not too bad.
Sometimes mistakes can really work - the cat I completed 1/4 of the size it was supposed to be worked out but other times things just go wrong.
It's not all bad though - if you learn from the mistakes. Here are two from this year:

This is way too pink & too blue in the hair - I tried to use some software to put a pattern together, not good software. I have tried this again on my mum's software & will give it another go. I did learn that stitching from the computer is very doable for me (due to the trial software not being able to print it).

 This was one items from the mystery package I got from the Fox Collection. It is meant to be a picture about vinegars it came in kit form with some beads & buttons for embellishments. Nice idea, but I don't really like vinegar & couldn't see an application for it (other than wall hanging), but I thought i could change it a little & just put in Wine & port, instead of vinegars & turn it into one of those Wine bottle aprons.
That would have been fine, except that the pattern called for the stitching to be done with 3 threads, rather than 2, which is what I normally stitch in & I did start this way, but then changed at some point & didn't realise my error for some time, so I gave up. there was also some other error I made along the way... this stitching was not meant for me.

Now I'm working on a Biscornu Xmas tree in back stitch... here's my prep work:

Then I hope to do something with this:
It's Angelina Fibre... I have some ideas, but probably wont get started with it until the end of June.

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  1. Oh I've played around with Angelina a few times.. I've seen alot of ladies do things with it. It can be beautiful :)