Wednesday, 13 July 2011

4 day project

Most of my stitching is done in the evenings - some time between 6:30pm & 9:30pm... in between updating FB & checking out other equally time sapping websites.
I decided that for one of the 3 remaining presents I need to make for my FB New Year promise I would make one of the lovely ladies a bookmark. (don't worry, even though they don't know who is getting it, I do)

So, Day one... chose the lettering & graphed the pattern:
I saw something similar recently, but just can't bring myself to curse with thread.

Day two saw me choose colours & stitch the evening away:
No pic for day 3, but this involved making decisions on how I was going to finish this off, I stitched some back lining on the reverse side & arranged the lace. If you can imagine day 4 (today) finished product without the lace, that was the end of day 3.

Personally I think my ability to tidily finish project off has greatly improved - yah!
Now I have 2 more hand made  gifts to think of... hmmmmm in the meantime, back to biscornu.

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