Monday, 4 July 2011

Fixing things

After sending a pic of what I was doing to my mum, she gave me some insightful feedback. Which is GREAT!
Firstly though, I carried on with what I had until I reached this point - which gave me thinking space:
the boulders here are too black & while I was going for a 3D effect, the joined boulders look like clouds. I do like the sand base & the sky & sea horizon... so only the middle to fix :)

so now it has been changed to this:

I will bring more of the sea horizon down & probably put more sky above, but I am really happy with the effect of the boulders now.

At the weekend I went to Bloomfields - at the Hands up for Chch, & got a couple of patterns, one of which I am looking forward to starting... but must finish this, & 2 other things first!

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